renewed creeks and wildlife

With the help of several conservation organizations, we work on restoring the riparian areas along the creek which runs during summer monsoons and when snow melts. More...

Delicious healthy meat

Our cattle graze on the native grasses of New Mexico and are fed no hormones, antibiotics or grain. Raising cattle on fresh pasture provides many nutritional advantages. More...

restored native grasslands

Grazed pasture removes more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than any other land use. The ground is covered with vegetation all year round holding on to top soil, moisture and carbon. More...

New Mexico Grassfed Beef: A Wealth of Benefits

Mesteño Draw Cattle Co.

humanely raised cattle

Animals live in a herd on open pastures eating food compatible with their digestive system. They are managed on horses or on foot, which keeps them calm and happy. More...

Why You Should Eat Grassfed Beef
  • For your health

  • For the animals

  • For the environment

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Our beef is produced from young cattle that have never left the ranch in Mountainair, NM.They have dined exclusively on a diet of grass and forbs native to the area. We use management practices that enhance rangeland health. Raising grassfed beef is part of the restoration process.

The beef is dry-aged for two weeks. It comes to you cut, wrapped and frozen in 20-22 lb packs, quarters or halves. There are pick-up points in Albuquerque and Mountainair, NM. In addition, pick-up in Santa Fe can be arranged. Order now!